Tea Habit Food Cart Business

Tea Habit Foodcart Business Philippines

Tea Habit Foodcart Business Philippines | Tea is well known for its aromatic flavour and its renowned antioxidant that is very refreshing even it is served cold or hot. In our modern times today the taste and the creativity of man innovate together with their taste. So the food industry has started to cope up with the innovation and food creativity that the public is searching. A good example of this is tea. Before, tea is only served as a hot aromatic drink but now it is innovated and it is not only served hot but now it is also served already chilled with milk and other beverages that we called as milk tea. Tea Habit Foodcart Business Philippines is one of the most wanted milk teas in the market in-line with milk tea businesses. It is known all over the metro for its affordable price rate that anyone can afford. And regardless to the taste, you can choose different add-ons and mix and match the toppings and flavour you want or you prefer to have. And because of the market craze of this product, a food cart concept is one of the fast selling markets now that involve more interesting concept of business that you can own. Children, young professionals, students or even the kids at heart are all going gaga on Tea Habit Foodcart Business Philippines. Make Tea Habit Foodcart Business Philippines your habit and start reaping your own profits through this enticing and refreshing drink that no one can resist!


Ready to Operate Package

Php 57,000 – Single Cart Package

Package includes:

  • 3 years Franchise Contract
  • 1 Unit of Semi-High end Food Cart
  • Business Seminar
  • Free Registration of Slim for E-Loading Business
  • Equipment
  • Utensils
  • Uniform
  • P1,000 worth of products


You can also add Tea Habit Food Cart Business to a 2-in-1 or a 3-in-1 cart franchise to save money on multiple franchises and for bigger market coverage!

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